UGL Unipart is a world class joint venture which combines UGL’s intimate knowledge of Sydney’s passenger rolling stock, Unipart Rail’s international expertise in logistic and supply chain, along with MTR Corporation’s knowledge on maximising rolling stock assets to their full potential. For more information please click here.

We have established our name in Australia through delivering innovative services and products.  From initial diagnostics services delivering improved efficiency, through to prototype LED signal modules, we are helping railway companies become more effective at serving their customers in both the freight and passenger sectors.


We are also part of the UGL Unipart joint venture, contributing inventory purchasing, logistics management and lean practices skills delivering fleet availability, reliability and safety to meet NSW's needs.


Although our HQ is in Sydney, our team is active not just in Australia, but in New Zealand, and a range of South East Asia countries, where our Supply Chain services are ideally placed to deliver world-class operations across the region.


Use the enquiry form to contact the team and start the journey to working closely with us in your region.