Delivering Against the Odds - Siemens & Amey

“ A big thank you to Unipart Dorman for your support and help resolving this with such short notice. We really appreciate the effort from your team that helped us to deliver such a challenging project on time.”


Marta Jimenez Cobo, Project Engineer, Siemens.

The Challenge

The Solution

The Result

Lead time issues are a constant challenge to the rail industry, and material planning is a critical part of any successful project delivery.


At Unipart Dorman we understand that some eventualities are not always planned for and we have recently supported two of our key customers that have needed signal modules to be delivered to project sites urgently.


Acton was the location for the trial of our first lightweight banner, with spare modules only being ordered a week before commissioning. Working alongside our suppliers to expedite the delivery of required components, we were able to promptly manufacture the spares and deliver to the Amey team ensuring that the commissioning was completed successfully.


Siemens contacted us at lunchtime on the day before their commissioning, requesting spare modules that they urgently required. The wrong items had been previously ordered and Siemens needed to replace them in time for their installation the following evening.


By deconstructing some similar items in stock, we were able to manufacture the goods as required. We then worked with our logistics team to ensure that they could make a special delivery on a bank holiday, to be certain that the modules reached the customer in time.

Following the urgent requests from our customers we worked closely with them to ensure we fully understood the emergency requirements.


Each enquiry was manually walked through, from the initial requests being received, liaising with our supply chain partners, through to placing the products with the logistics team at the end of the day – nothing was left to chance, it was handled manually as a priority.


The manufacturing team were able to build the modules needed by stripping down similar units that were held in stock, this was an urgent situation that needed a unique and speedy manufacturing response.


The goods were followed through each area of production and quality assurance, before being dispatched - as the commissioning was on a bank holiday, we had to arrange a special service to ensure that the goods were delivered on time.


The goods were dispatched prior to receiving an official purchase order as a measure of the trust we have built with our key customers. This was then arranged retrospectively after the commissioning had already taken place.

The two commissionings that our customers were undertaking proceeded and were completed on time, our ability to be able to support the last minute requirements were key to the success of the commissionings.


Should any of the products used during the commissioning have failed and spares weren’t available, the costs incurred could reach tens of thousands of pounds.


Our ability to supply the modules on such a short lead-time has reinforced our strong relationships with these customers, reinforcing their confidence in our ability to support any issues that may arise in the future.

“Please pass on my thanks to you and your manufacturing teams for the professional way in which you dealt with our last minute requests for parts during the lead up to the Easter commissioning on the Acton Dive Under Project for Cross Rail West. We have a big package of works to deliver over the next couple of years and I look forward to working with you again during this period. Thanks again.”


Simon Beach, Signalling Installation Supervisor (South East) Rail Signalling Systems, Amey



“Thank you to all staff at Unipart Dorman who have helped with providing all the signalling head equipment for the Reading RSAR works over the past 3 years. Currently we are still in the middle of the stage N commissioning which shall finish at 03:30 on Monday 13th April and I hope to email you soon with the news of a successful commissioning of Reading.


A special thank you to all the staff who helped with the urgent delivery of the medium range LW signal modules which have been tested and shall be brought into use on Monday 13th April, these signals have provided a wider beam which shall provide the train drivers greater visibility of the signals whilst travelling around a tight 30mph curve on the new feeder lines at Reading. Thank you again for your help, support, technical assistance and constantly delivering on time and to such a high quality.”


Richard Lindop, Senior Project Engineer, Siemens

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