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The Challenge

The Solution

The Result

Signalling Solutions Ltd were due to commission a project over the Easter period in the Slough area as part of the Crossrail Project.


As a result of a supplier error, SSL discovered that the cabling provided was incorrect and they could not interface with the Unipart Dorman signals.


Delaying the work was not an option due to the time restraints and significant delay penalties, therefore, a solution was required in less than 24 hours.

SSL & Unipart Dorman have built a strong working relationship over a number of years, as a result of our experience and status as market leaders.


Working together to introduce the Modular Signalling System to the Ely-Thetford-Norwich project and this was the first to be successfully commissioned in the UK.


This collaborative relationship provided the reassurance that they could immediately turn to us for help and gave them the confidence that we would deliver the most suitable solution to the problem.


Immediately after receiving the initial call, our team adopted a reactive approach to solving the problem and a solution was achieved as a result of the following activities:


  • Definition of the exact specification required by the customer
  • Sourcing the required parts within the business and eliminating the requirement for additional suppliers, which would increase the cost and delay
  • Full testing of the cable and plug couplers
  • Arrangement for the customer to collect the cable the following day

Crossrail is Europe’s largest infrastructure construction project. The aim of the project is to create a new World Class railway for London and the South East, designed to provide enhanced travel opportunities via new lines and tunnels.


Substantial investments in terms of funding and resource have

been made to deliver the project, including:


  • 10,000 people working across over 40 construction sites
  • Over 44 million working hours completed on the project
  • Total funding of £14.8 billion


As a result of the solution provided by Unipart Dorman and the extremely fast response times, the correct cable was provided and the Signalling Solutions Ltd project could be delivered successfully and on time.


Our Modular Signalling range is specifically designed in accordance with Network Rail’s modular strategy, at the heart of which are 4 main concepts:


  • Standardised components for cost-effective projects
  • Standardised design of infrastructure elements within the whole project
  • Faster delivery of upgrades and enhancements
  • Reduced track possession time


Since the completion of this project, Signalling Solutions Ltd are

working on additional areas of the Crossrail scheme and have

recommended that Unipart Dorman and Unipart Rail are the chosen supplier for all signalling equipment and cables.

‘The fact that you were able to assist and turn this around in less than 24hrs, was a contributing factor on the successful Easter Weekend that we have been recognised for and hence I would like to pass on my thanks to you and your team, on behalf of Signalling Solutions and the Crossrail Project as a whole’.


Neil Woodhouse, Principal Project Engineer

Signalling Solutions



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