Loading Bay Safety

Enhance safety and reduce accidents on your site

All businesses have a legal obligation to provide safe working environments for all staff and visitors. Our products offer a solution to the onsite safety problems that companies face on a daily basis.


Vehicle movement and speeding is a common factor on industrial sites and loading bays and this is directly linked to the volume of collisions that take place. Our products are designed to make work sites a safer place by helping businesses to successfully manage vehicle entry and movement when on-site, reducing the risk of accidents.


Our use of superior grade materials and long life LED light units provide the reassurance of long lasting solutions which are virtually maintenance free. Integral visors are built into the design to enhance the visibility of the lights, even in direct sunlight and the units can be flashed to maximize conspicuity.


All of our products can be easily integrated into existing loading dock guidance systems, reducing the cost and hassle for the customer.


Features & Benefits


  • Reduce speeding
  • Reduce the risk of serious injury or fatality
  • Prevent premature departure from loading bays
  • Increase awareness of safety hazard warnings and practices
  • Manage vehicle movement
  • Easily integrated into existing loading dock guidance systems
  • Programmable timers to schedule the units to specific times
  • Flexible switching and mounting options available



Our Product Range