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Rail Brochure
LED Signalling Handbook
This handbook is for reference only - for up to date technical information, please contact unipartdormanenquiries@uniaprtdorman.co.uk

Lightweight Signalling

Integrade Lightweight Signal (iLS)
Assisted Lift Trunnion
Lightweight Banner Repeater
Modular Lightweight Signal Base
Lightweight Preliminary Route Indicator

Level Crossings

LED Wig-Wag
Barrier Boom
LED Drivers Crossing Indicator
LED Miniature Stop Light

Lineside Safety

LED Handlamp
LED Handlamp Battery
MKII Marker Board & Possession Limit Board
Tildawn Replacement Lamp

Route Indicators

Classic Preliminary Route Indicator
Position Light Junction Indicator Signal
LED Points Indicator
Standard Alphanumeric Route Indicator
Double Standard Alphanumeric Route Indicator
Miniature Alphanumeric Route Indicator
Driver's Crossing Indicator

Trackside Signals

Classic Colour Light Signal
Ground Position Light Signal
Miniature Tunnel Signal
Banner Repeater
Semaphore Lamp, Filters & Battery Box
Standard Shunt

Additional Products

Train Lamps

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