We are the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of LED Rail Safety and Signalling products, with extensive product ranges across the UK and around the world.

We pioneered the use of LED’s on the UK rail infrastructure and have designed and supplied over 100,000 LED modules for use in railway applications. We supply over 95% of the LED Rail Signals in the UK.

Our commitment to offering world-class innovation in design and manufacture is complemented by outstanding levels of service. As a result of our extensive experience within the rail industry, we have built up an unrivalled range of unique products designed to meet the needs of our customers, every time.

The service we provide is designed to meet the requirements of the full product life cycle. From inception and design to installation and test, through to operation and maintenance – we will support our customers and deliver exceptional service and quality at every step.

Lightweight Signalling

Working in close collaboration with Network Rail to develop the latest generation of LED railway signals.

Trackside Signals

Our trackside signals provide safer and improved network performance, delivering reduced whole life costs.

Route Indicators

Designed using proven and reliable LED technology to provide highly visible indications to drivers.

Lineside Safety

Designed to provide clear warnings of engineering possessions and highlight work site limits to protect workers.

Level Crossings

Delivering all your level crossing material requirements, pre-tested, to your site where and when you need it.

Trainborne Equipment

Our range of trainborne lamps are designed for quick and easy installation into existing train lamp housings.