Offering world-class innovation in the design and manufacture of signals, complemented by outstanding levels of service.

All of our products are manufactured and tested in-house at our headquarters in Southport, which houses a state of the art environmental test chamber, fully calibrated optical testing laboratories and a rapid prototyping facility.

The key to developing products the market requires is engineering excellence – whether in design, testing or manufacturing.

As a result of our extensive experience within the rail and traffic management industries, we have built up an unrivalled range of unique products designed to meet the needs of our customers, every time.

Our diverse range of capabilities includes:

  • Design and Innovation Excellence
  • Innovative Technology
  • Proven Reliability and Quality
  • Outstanding Performance
  • Exceptional Service
  • Environmental Commitment
  • Manufacturing Excellence

Innovation and Design

True innovation is cultivated and curated - a product of creative confidence

The kind of creative confidence that encourages the sharing of ideas, invites partner input and builds strong relationships with leading academic institutions and international research centres. That’s what makes Unipart Dorman innovation so…. innovative.

Pre-emptive and industry accredited innovation specifically designed for safety critical and harsh environments within the railway and highway infrastructures. Innovation that keeps your operations working efficiently and profitably now and into the future.

Our Capabilities

Manufacturing and Product Management

We provide our customers with seamless global manufacturing services

Manufacturing is far more sophisticated today than it has ever been. In safety critical environments it is essential to have a trusted partner that can deliver high quality, safe and efficient products. Continual Improvement Manufacturing Excellence has been key to achieving our leading position in LED solutions. Our customers look to us to provide valuable resources and insight necessary to help them grow.

We are committed to continual improvement. We implement lean manufacturing and deploy six sigma business management strategies to improve manufacturing processes, whilst eliminating defects.

When you order a product from us you know that it comes with full approval and accreditation, giving peace of mind

The key to developing products the market requires is engineering excellence. Whether in design, testing or manufacturing. We utilise the latest techniques, unique people and over 130 years of experience in meeting the customer need.

That however, isn’t where we stop. We drive down cost whilst increasing safety and performance, this is underpinned by knowing that we have our part to play in protecting the environment for future generations.

Included in our portfolio are the innovative products we’ve designed, developed and manufactured ourselves, as well as the products we’ve sourced from other innovators. The latest technology – all in one place.

Our Product Ranges Include: