Speed Indicator Devices

Drivers are often unaware of the speed they are actually travelling at

The DF11 Speed Indicator Device from Unipart Dorman improves driver speed compliance by informing drivers of the actual speed they are travelling and encouraging them to slow down.

Designed and developed to reinforce the message of fixed plate speed restriction signage, the DF11’s proven ability to reduce driver speed increases safety and reduces the risk of accidents.

Successful trials throughout the UK have proven the DF11 to be an ideal device for conducting ‘before and after’ studies to enable you to understand the extent of your speeding issues at the same time as providing you with a cost effective and reliable way to encourage drivers to slow down.

Features & Benefits

  • UK manufacture means a lower carbon footprint than other devices on the market
  • Lightweight – can easily be installed by one person which allows a single sign to be rotated through many different locations for maximum impact
  • Low Maintenance – vandal resistant enclosure and robust electronics for reliability
  • Easily adjusted trigger speeds
  • Over 90% of the unit is suitable for end of life recycling
  • Reliable data sets give credibility to proposals for traffic calming schemes
  • Proven reliability and low power consumption deliver whole life cost benefits

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