About Unipart Dorman

Addressing the challenges of the Rail and Traffic Management industries

We are committed to offering world-class innovation in design and manufacture, complemented by outstanding levels of service.

Our team of electronic and mechanical design engineers deliver innovative world class patented products to operate in challenging environments of a safety critical nature and our expertise in LED Technology has resulted in the development of a series of industry firsts, including the Unipart Dorman ConeLITE, which is the industry-standard warning lamp for road hazards.

At Unipart Dorman we listen to and understand our customers, enabling us to recognise the drive to improve efficiencies, reduce whole life costs and increase safety. This is what really makes the difference to our customers

Using the renowned Unipart Way of working, we ensure quality throughout every aspect of our business, and our ISO 9001 accreditation demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement.

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Unipart Rail addresses the challenges of the rail industry across the asset lifecycle by delivering performance improvement to our partners through technology and supply chain solutions.


A marketing leading manufacturer of electronics systems for precision measurement, condition monitoring, and energy monitoring.

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Park Signalling specialises in innovative design and product development to enhance service life of train control systems and equipment.

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Offering the RETB Next Generation system, a proven digital in-cab signalling solution designed to be affordable even on remote single-track routes with low to medium traffic.

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Westcode is a leading supplier of OEM rolling stock equipment specialising in HVAC, vehicle leveling, door and pneumatic control systems. 

Corporate Responsibility

We believe that Corporate Responsibility is about doing well by doing good
We understand that this is not simply altruism but commercially sensible and as such it is embedded into everything we do, every day.

Corporate Responsibility is at the heart of our business and is core to everything that we do. Engaging employees is part of our day to day activity and is embedded in our value set which is intrinsically linked with the company’s proprietary business system for continuous improvement, The Unipart Way.

The Unipart Way is our way of working that has been developed over 30 years and which we believe sets us apart from our competitors. It is much more than a technique or initiative – it is a philosophy of working that is underpinned by a set of integrated tools, each of which can be mastered over time by people at every level of our organisation. 

It engages our people in delivering outstanding customer service while empowering them to find ways of continually improving our day-to-day operational performance. 

It is our basis for embedding strong Corporate Responsibility principles and behaviours across our business. It’s why we do what we do, and why we are focused on everything it means to be a responsible business.

For more information on Unipart Group’s Corporate Responsibility policy, please click here.

The Unipart Way

A culture where a 'can do' attitude and a 'will do' commitment are infectious
The Unipart Way is a designed system that engages every single employee within the organisation.

It is a philosophy of working that is underpinned by a set of tools and techniques that form the basis of our knowledge management system. We have drawn previously on our relationships with Honda and Toyota to create a world-class body of knowledge for operational excellence. Now we have combined that knowledge with our culture and strong heritage in marketing and branding to turn the Unipart Way into a formidable business system.

The Unipart Way provides a foundation for innovation and organisational improvement on a global basis. When implemented across multiple sites or in multiple countries, it can provide you with a standard approach and measures that enable people to share best practise more easily and effectively.

Whether that means managing a complex global supply chain or sharing problem solving skills, The Unipart Way has already been used successfully to unlock the potential of businesses around the world in almost any sector. It offers people the ability to have ‘one way’ of evaluating and improving that can connect diverse elements of even the most complex businesses.

Our Value

We address the challenges of the rail industry across the asset life cycle by working collaboratively with our partners to deliver technology and solutions that improve performance, reduce risk and optimise cost.

You can rest assured we take safety seriously – considering safety is at the heart of everything we do. Ensuring the safety of workers and the general public is our number one priority. 


We will work with you to optimise your costs, whether it’s new technology or supply chain enhancements and process improvements. 


We will help you reduce and mitigate risk – important to ensuring the safety of people, and successful delivery of operational activities. 


Improved asset performance, reduced waste, improved operational performance, continually improving processes. All the result of working with us. 

Corporate Responsibility

We recognise the importance of corporate social responsibility to your business, and we will help you meet your aspirations in the marketplace, the environment, the community and in your workplace. 


Digital technology offers new possibilities. We will support and guide you in implementing radical new digital solutions to improve your performance – delivering Industry 4.0 systems through to condition based maintenance and enhanced customer experience. 


 We hold a long term view for investment in research and development to develop future solutions; delivering added-value innovation in products and services that will transform and sustain your business.


Why Work for Us

Our Values

Our thinking is just as flexible as our business. It means we don’t follow. We lead. And we do this by listening, innovating, transforming and adapting. We’re committed to Employee Engagement and we empower our people at all levels within the organisation to realise their true potential, unlocking their capability.

Our People

It is our people that have helped shape and choreograph a new way of working, enabling us to stay at the forefront of productivity and innovation. We are looking for people with resilience and creativity, but more importantly a passion for exceeding on delivering what our customers want.