Traffic Management

Improving Lane Discipline & Protecting your Workforce

We are recognised across the world as the market leader for Traffic Management products.


Our Traffic Management and control range includes high and low intensity lamps, all of which are created with high strength, robust polyethylene and polypropylene bodies and impact resistant polycarbonate lenses ensuring durability and longevity.


Our products are constantly exceeding BS and EN standards of performance. Costs are driven down through the combination of LED technology with photo-cell solar switches, long-life batteries and lower maintenance, due to reduced frequencies of light output checks.


All of our lamps are designed to be deployed quickly and easily, achieving maximum impact by modifying driver behaviour and increasing safety.


Features & Benefits


  • Maximum brightness and visibility through LED technology
  • Durable and robust high intensity polypropylene bodies
  • Uniquely designed polycarbonate lenses
  • Outstanding performance and long battery life
  • Synchro Technology integration
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Multiple lens options available



Our Product Range