Traffic Management Solutions

We were responsible for pioneering the use of LEDs within the traffic sector through the introduction of the first Road Hazard Lamp and we have over 130 years experience delivering innovative and unique lighting solutions.


We are recognised globally as the sector leading business within the traffic industry and our products have been acknowledged as the industry benchmark across Traffic Management disciplines. We supply 95% of the Traffic Management Hazard warning lamps in the UK.


Our technological leadership has resulted in a variety of industry firsts, including the Unipart Dorman ConeLITE, which is the industry-standard warning lamp for road hazards. Since 2002, we have delivered over 1.6 million ConeLITES and SychroGUIDES across the UK and global road infrastructure.


Our Road Product range includes a diverse selection of traffic management and hazard warning lamps for use in a variety of applications and industry sectors including Emergency Services and Utility Management.



Sychro Technology


Studies have shown that the use of synchronised lamps modifies driver behaviour by promoting earlier lane changes.


Our innovative synchronised lamp technology is designed to highlight lane closures and direct drivers away from the hazard ahead by giving the appearance of a light pulse travelling along the lamps, considerably reducing the likelihood

of vehicles colliding with the cone line.

What We Do