Trainborne Equipment

We are the UK’s largest designer and manufacturer of innovative, high reliability LED products which are used extensively across the global rail industry.


Our range of Trainborne lamps are designed for quick and easy installation into existing train lamp housings as a direct replacement for the standard filament type units. We provide flexible mounting and connection options and all products are fully compliant with the RailWAY Group Standards.


Our portable tail and head lamps are used widely across the world. Lamps are supplied with a standard Lamp Iron bracket in the UK and bespoke mountings are available for export markets. Both portable lamps can be customised with customer logos and are available in a variety of colours.


In addition to products for the UK market, we offer a selection of trainborne lamps which have been specifically developed for the international market. For example, our European Marker Tail Lamp, which was initially developed for the German LINT Train System and is now used globally.



Features & Benefits


  • Increased safety and reliability
  • High reliability and long lasting LEDs
  • Quick and easy installation - most fixed lamp units can be installed in the same time it takes to change a bulb
  • Lightweight portable designs
  • Reduced train maintenance and running costs
  • High impact resistant lenses and bodies



Further information on our product range can be found in our LED Signalling Handbook. Download a copy here or request a copy via our online form.


A wider range of products for Traction and Rolling Stock (T&RS) are available from Unipart Rail, click here for        more information.




Our Product Range