Net zero achieved at Unipart Dorman

In our journey to be carbon neutral at our sites by 2030, we have already reached this target at our Unipart Dorman site in Southport. 

Liz Hancock, Head of Safety, Health, Environment and Facilities said “We’ve been working on the site to strip out the use of gas and go all-electric, and with our electricity across all Unipart Rail sites being renewable, this means we have met our site energy reduction targets 5 years ahead of plan”.

We have discontinued the use of gas at our Southport site, replacing it with carbon-neutral electricity, eliminating a whopping 65 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

The site has also been working on further energy-saving initiatives including the removal of the ‘hot room’ for testing new signals. Alan James said “By building a super-insulated cabinet just the right size for the signals, we can use their own heat to recreate the environment previously generated with electricity in the heat room. We estimate that we have saved approximately 9.63 tonnes of CO2 per annum through this.”

We continue to remove or reduce gas from our sites through 2023, moving to sustainable electricity sources. We are also installing Eco Insight energy monitoring from our sister company, Instrumentel, at our site in Crewe so we have full visibility of energy use, delivering insights into energy use that will help us further reduce our energy use.

For more information on Eco Insight, click here.

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