Offset Post Achieves Product Acceptance

Unipart Dorman is pleased to confirm that the Offset Post has achieved full Network Rail Product Acceptance and is now available as part of the Lightweight Signal Range. This addition allows CLS LITE Signals to be installed in an offset position. 

The Offset Post is used with the Heavy Duty Assisted Lift Trunnion (HD ALT) and has a high degree of commonality with Lightweight Signals on straight posts. The height and amount of offset required is determined by the customer and this data, along with local wind parameters, are fed into the Unipart Dorman Signal Deflection Calculator to ensure safety limits for deflection and weight are not exceeded. An AB Form drawing is then generated for each individual signal. Installation of the Offset Post is carried out using exactly the same hand tools as HD ALT installations and all work is carried out at ground level.

In line with all products in the Unipart Dorman Lightweight Signal Range, the Offset Post was initially proposed to meet an identified need from our customers. Throughout its development, extensive consultation was held with senior signalling engineers and those with ‘boots on the ballast’ and this feedback, allied to our close collaborative relationship with our fabrication supplier, streamlined the design for manufacture process and guaranteed that the Offset Post was maximised for cost effectiveness.

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