Resignalling Done Right

Recently, Unipart Dorman received an urgent request to assist with one of the biggest railway resignalling schemes of the year, the Feltham Project.

An high-priority request was received from a customer to convert signal modules from elevated to ground mounted, as part of an intricate, multifaceted project management plan for the Feltham Project resignalling scheme.

Complex time constraints meant the work needed to be carried out without delay to fit in with track access opportunities and signal testing staff availability, so a plan was formed to remove the modules and send them up on the 11th of April 2022 for conversion. However, an opportunity arose on the evening of the 6th of April to access the signal early and Unipart Dorman were asked at 16:00 on the 6th if they could accommodate this new schedule.

The modules arrived at 12:45 on the 7th and were converted, tested and despatched for return at 09:30 on the 8th. The whole process was seamless with John Melvin receiving the parcel into the warehouse and sorting the next day despatch, Jamieson Rogers doing the actual conversion and Peter Steele organising the final inspection and certification. All of this work was carried out without delaying production of new signals at one of the busiest periods of the year by the team, who worked through lunchtime and breaks to ensure efficiency.

Unipart Dorman has long been the supplier of choice for complex resignalling projects based on our ability to react quickly to the unusual and this going the extra mile by the team demonstrates how we serve our customers better than anybody else.  

Colin Nicholson, Head of Supply Chain at Atkins wrote expressing his gratitude for the extremely prompt and efficient response, saying:

“Please pass on my thanks and gratitude to the team that were involved in turning this module around swiftly, without their contribution we would not have been able to maintain our progress in completing the works ready for this weekend’s commissioning. Unipart Dorman did a sterling job and really stepped up to the plate in helping Atkins to quickly resolve the issue”.

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