Emergency Services

Improving Hazard Visibility & Creating an Incident Safezone

Safety is absolutely paramount to Emergency Services providers. As a result, they demand reliable, robust products in order to create a place of safety in which to carry out their operations.


Our Emergency Services product range features a selection of high intensity lamps, designed to increase visibility of hazards and establish a safe working environment for the Emergency Services teams.


All products are designed to enable rapid deployment, which is vital at incident and hazard sites. The lamps can be deployed directly from re-chargeable bases, which can be stored within an Emergency Services vehicle. Easy to use handles and grommet switches are built in as standard.


Synchro technology is utilised to further enhance safety by notifying drivers of road hazards as early as possible, giving the appearance of a light pulse travelling along the lamps. This considerably reduces the likelihood of further incidents and collisions.


Features & Benefits


  • Increase visibility of hazards and create safe working environments
  • Lower maintenance due to reduced frequency of light output checks
  • LED Technology ensures long battery life
  • Suitable for day or night time use
  • Rapid and easy deployment
  • Rechargeable base units available
  • Bi-directional lens options available

Our Product Range