Lineside Safety

Enhancement of safety for rail users and workers is absolutely essential and this is a critical success factor when designing and developing products for the railway infrastructure.


Our range of Lineside Safety products are designed to provide clear warnings of engineering possessions, highlighting the work site limits and protecting workers from potential accidents.


As the UK’s largest designer and manufacturer of high reliability products to the rail industry, we guarantee high quality and enhanced safety through our use of intelligent design and high grade materials.


We also manufacture products that previously were made by other businesses - and we make them better.


For example, our LED Handlamp replaced the older design and is now used extensively on the rail network.


Features & Benefits


  • Increase safety for rail workers
  • Clearly mark the boundaries of a possession
  • Lightweight portable designs
  • High intensity LEDs increase visibility
  • Constructed using high impact materials
  • Quick and easy to install using Unipart Dorman's revolutionary universal rail clamp



Further information on our product range can be found in our LED Signalling Handbook. Download a copy here or request a copy via our online form.




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